The Max-Safe™ Anti-Rollaway Brake System designed for commercial vehicles to provide insurance against driver oversight.

The Max-Safe™ Anti-Rollaway Brake System provides an active safety solution in the event of a driver neglecting to fully apply the park brake before leaving their vehicle.

It’s easy to forget to apply a park brake; and with the added chaos of deliveries, schedules, unfamiliar locations, darkness and tiredness, this only increases the chance. A distracted driver at the end of their shift is at the highest risk of being forgetful – leading to mistakes – which can ultimately lead to injury or even death.

The Max-Safe™ Anti-Rollaway Brake System provides early pre-warnings of potential danger, to the driver and any people in the vicinity of the vehicle. Then, if the driver leaves the cabin without fully applying the parking brake, the Max-Safe™ Anti- Rollaway Brake System activates immediately to prevent the vehicle from rolling away – creating a safe environment.

Warnings are provided by both audible and visual alarms triggered to notify of the potential danger.

The system is not designed to replace a traditional park brake, which remains the responsibility of the driver to secure before exiting, but the Max-Safe™ Anti-Rollaway Brake System provides insurance against driver oversight.

Available for both pneumatic and mechanical park brake type vehicles, the Max-Safe™ Anti-Rollaway Brake System is perfect for commercial vehicles of all kinds.


  • Safety of personnel around the vehicle

  • Protection of the vehicle and equipment

  • Insurance against driver oversight

  • Continuous monitoring of multiple conditions

  • Both visual alerts and audible warnings

  • Intelligent logic with self-checking to ensure system integrity

  • ADR compliant solution

  • Queensland Government Approved (TA.0222 and TA.034)

  • Optional Reverse Watch module for additional safety

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