The ASL 360 ProViu Camera is the true OEM quality vehicle camera system. The powerful software allows for the blending of adjacent camera images to show a “Birdseye view” of the surroundings, eliminating blind spots. More than an all-round camera system, the ASL360 offers the ability to have customised screen image designs, based on the camera images available.

Key features include:

  • 6 x 180 degree cameras (4 x camera images blendable on any screen image).
  • Up to 15 different screen images.
  • DVR recorder support (Digital Video Recorder).
  • Suitable for 12/24 volt vehicles.
  • Ideal for mining, ridged trucks, vans, buses, garbage trucks and more.
  • High quality real-time images in either VGA/SVGA format or composite Video

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