Seatbelts save lives and reduce injuries. Most school buses have seatbelts but the challenge is to ensure all passengers are safely buckled in and remain that way for their entire journey.

When driving a school bus it is hard for the driver to check on children constantly and the chaos of a passenger or school bus only amplifies the chance of school children being unbuckled.

The MAX-SAFE™ Seatbelt Warning System provides the driver of a coach, bus or vehicle, information about the condition of the passengers’ seat and buckled condition allowing for full compliance before starting the trip.

How the Seatbelt Warning System works:

  • Sensors within the seat and belt mechanisms send information to a display unit in front of the driver.
  • The display unit provides an indication of the number of occupants seated, the number of seats not buckled correctly and the seat position of the unbuckled seat.
  • The system has a local warning buzzer and a visual warning.

The MAX-SAFE™ Seatbelt Warning System is a commercial grade solution that is reliable and robust.

Key features of Seatbelt Warning System:

  • The system does all the checking and alerts the driver if there are any unbuckled occupants. An easy-to-read visual display makes it quick to assess the situation.
  • The solution is designed to be retrofitted to bus fleets of all industries, ages and sizes and can be tailored to notify both the driver and passenger via audible alarms and warning lights.
  • The system has been developed with advanced logic and inbuilt redundancy measures to ensure accuracy.
  • In an instant, the driver has the information at hand to know how many seatbelts aren’t buckled in with details of any unsafe occupants.

The MAX-SAFE™ Seatbelt Warning System is part of the MAX-SAFE™ suite of products designed to safeguard people, vehicles and equipment.

Key benefits of Seatbelt Warning System:

  • Less distractions for the driver
  • Both visual and audible warning signal options for the driver and passengers
  • Robust commercial grade solution for top performance
  • Advanced logic with self testing algorithms ensuring system accuracy
  • Redundancy built-in for reliability
  • A safer journey, peace of mind for the operator
  • Optional audio announcer plug-in
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