The MAX-SAFE Reverse Watch™ system provides a sixth sense for drivers helping monitor the blind spot behind their vehicle for obstacles.

Drivers usually rely on their mirrors to judge distances and identify obstacles but their line-of-sight is often obscured causing a blind spot behind their vehicle. If the vehicle does not have built-in cameras the reverse watch system is an ideal monitor to detect objects including people.

The Reverse Watch provides both an audible alarm coupled with an active braking system to prevent these unsafe situations; helping reduce the incidence of downtime, insurance claims, and personal injury.

The key benefits of Reverse Watch include:

  • Safety and Protection – by monitoring the blind spot, it ensures protection of vehicles, equipment and people.
  • Reducing Insurance claims – it reduces the incidence of vehicle downtime, minimising personal injury and reducing insurance claims.
  • Alerts – both visual alerts and audible warnings are emitted from the vehicle.
  • Peace of mind – by providing a sixth sense for drivers by spotting obstacles that mirrors (and cameras) can’t reach.
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