Our range of forklift safety products are designed to keep the operator safe and minimise any damage to the forklift itself or its load.
Sequenced seat belt interlock
  • The Max-Safe sequenced seat belt interlock system uses a seat sensor and a belt bucket sensor to determine if the operator is seated and buckled (in that sequence) before it allows the vehicle to start and/or drive off.
  • If the operator removes the belt, the system will neutralise the drive of the forklift.
  • In order to recommence driving, the operator must be seated and buckled.
Key pad/swipe card access
  • The access control isolator system works by ensuring only authorised personnel can operate a machine through a secure keypad or swipe card control.
Transmission interlock system
  • The transmission interlock system monitors the vehicle’s speed and engine RPM and will only allow a gear selection or gear change if the speed and RPM are both below a set level.
  • This system is guaranteed to reduce the drive tyre wear by at least 50%, in addition to protecting the transmission system.
  • Ideal for all forklift sizes.
Forklift excessive load cut out system
  • This system provides a lift and travel lockout if the load being lifted is over the rated capacity for the forklift.
  • This system can detect the load from initial lift attempt through to the lift (fast or slow) engine RPM changes, from first to second stage.
  • It is calibrated to detect and react within less than a 100 KG window, no matter what the work state of the forklift is.
Rear sensor alert
  • This sensor alerts the operator if an obstacle is behind the forklift.