We carry a range of auto-electrical systems and safety installation options under our MAX-SAFE banner. Our active control systems = Maximum Safety for commercial, industrial and mining vehicles.

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VDO Instruments

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We are the regional partner distributor, and service agent of choice for world-class VDO Instruments and accessories. If you’re after a speedometer, a gauge or an OEM camera system, we can source and install it.

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MiX Telematics

We supply and install state-of-the-art IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring Systems) to provide a complete fleet management tool for organisations needing to monitor and report on their vehicles and drivers.

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A unique auto-solutions business creating customised auto-electrical solutions for individuals and organisations.
  • We design, manufacture and install MAX-SAFE vehicle safety systems such as controls for anti-roll away braking, speed, RPM access and transmission.
  • Our forté is designing and developing quality, innovative auto-electrical solutions – with a total service-based approach.
  • Our clients include WH&S Managers, Fleet Managers and large Original Equipment Manufacturers for commercial, industrial and mining industries.
  • We are also a dealer for some of the world’s leading vehicle instruments, gauges and accessories through VDO Instruments and MiX Telematics IVMS systems.
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Our MAX-SAFE (Maximum Safety) range of innovative and customised electronic safety solutions for commercial and industrial vehicles help keep your driver, passengers and equipment safe.

Anti-Roll Away Brake System

Inbuilt sensors and controls prevent a vehicle from rolling away.


Vehicle/Engine Control

Custom speed limitation and engine RPM control systems.



Bus Occupant Seat Belt Alarm System – safety system for passenger seat belts for compliance management.


Forklift Safety

Forklift safety products – keeping operator safe and minimising damage to machine and product.

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Our Partners

We partner with world-leading brands to deliver and install best-in-class parts,
instruments, accessories and equipment for passenger and commercial vehicles.